Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Confetti all around; Streamers dance through the air

I finished colored pencils on Sunday as we returned home from our trip to PA.

And with that, I finished my first 25 project challenge, just a bit more than a year after I started it). Yes first, because I think I will dive straight in to a 50 project challenge. Yes 50. Because I want a house of our own. I'm tired of renting. And this cozy little grey house is just too small. However, I am reserving the right to purchase a few charts to celebrate my accomplishment, just not right now. But the official start of the new challenge will have to wait for it's own post--no worries that I'll have a happy dance before I start a new challenge.

I'll have pictures, oh yes indeedy, but I need Chas to download them on his computer because my computer is older than Angie and must be handled delicately in its advanced age. I have multiple floss tosses for Perphaeria's Spanish Sampler, and now I've found another silk that might work, so I'll need to take even more photos.

I need to thank Nicki because she gifted me with two HAED/Sara Butcher charts: Frog Prince [also here] (LOOK at how tall this piece is!) and Winter (I just want to dive right in those blues)

Sara Butcher is ending her license agreement with HAED so in a very short time her charts will not be available. Such a pity because I would love to have many of her designs charted (like anything on this page).

Martina has designed a series of mini mandala mysteries and I'm itching to join. I love her small designs. I want to see how much detail she packs into such a small area. I wonder how it compares to the Leporello?

Question about needle minders: how exactly does it mind needles? I love the dragonflies on this page, but if it only serves as a resting spot for needles, I should probably just make my own needlebook.

I am almost done stitching Angie's fairy for her tooth fairy pillow---now to add the words and assemble. It won't be done this month, but I hope it will be early in April.

Do you know that I have not completed a single ornament in 2008? And I've only participated in one ornament SAL. I did so well last year, but this year, I have no love for ornies. Maybe I only comfortably stitch ornaments in odd years.

Ooh, one question regarding the layout of this blog: do you see a lot of the background (green leafy bits) on the sides, or only a little? I've pondered tweaking the layout by either adding a thitd column, or by widening the columns I have. I hate to have wasted space. I'm also contemplating moving my website to save some money and reconfigure it. Not that I have a lot of spare time for all this, but it's nice to dream.

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At 3/26/2008 1:10 AM, Blogger Janet said...

Congrats on the milestone!!

I find needleminders are a good short term gadget, ie. when suddenly stopping and starting during a stitching session - I can just throw the (usually threaded) needle at it while I rush off to rescue whoever needs rescuing then instantly pick it up when I return. They have a magnet that you can place on the back of the fabric and the coloured side goes on the front, or you can leave the magnets together and sit it on a table. If I'm stopping for the day / time being I put the needle away somewhere as the magnet isn't really strong enough to prevent the needle coming off if bumped around. The dragonfly is the best of the ones I have tried, I have a couple and really like them. (If you would like to borrow one for a trial I am happy to send).

As for the layout, I now see the vines on approx 1/3 of the page (but saw much less prior to updating my browser).

At 3/26/2008 7:06 AM, Blogger Cindy said...

Congratulations on completing the challenge!

I don't use needleminders specifically, but do have several of the decorative magnets. They are great for parking your needle. I know that if I don't use one, I spend a lot of time looking for my needle :)

I see quite a bit of background in your layout.

At 3/26/2008 8:08 AM, Blogger Nicki said...

Congratulations on finishing the 25 project challenge! I really should join up again - I have way too many charts....

I didn't look at how long Frog Prince is - gosh - that'll keep you busy!!! LOL

Like janet said - needleminders are great for a quick hold on changing threads but i wouldn't use them if I was putting the project away. A knock and the needle will be off and on the floor :)

There is a fair bit of background on your blog. It's pretty though :)

At 3/26/2008 1:14 PM, Blogger Catherine said...

I see lots of the background...but I have widescreen monitors. :o)

And where might this house be located?


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